Thursday, September 2, 2010

Karan Johar's WE ARE FAMILY - : A touching family entertainer

Since most of the world and its mother has watched Stepmom we won’t go into the story of We Are Family. The film totally scores on its emotional narrative, speckled with smile-inducing, heart tugging scenes that make you choke with laughter while wiping away the tears from your cheeks. The movie is distinctly Dharma and Karan Johar in the sense that it’s not afraid to show its emotions. This is not a film that shies away high drama. And ultimately a film about bonding trust and life it has you smiling at the right times and sniffing away tearfully at other times. 

Now for the performances. As the younger woman who struggles to bond with her boyfriends kids and ex wife Kareena is superlative. She looks stunning and lends the role her characteristic effortlessness. Arjun Rampal is fabulous as the dad and husband caught in the crossfire. It seems that this is a good year for Arjun where he can do no wrong. The kids Aanchal Munjal, Nominath Jinsberg and Diya Sonecha are adorable and well cast and unlike children in most Indian films you actually want to hug them and not send them to bed without dinner. But the film belongs to Kajol who amazes you with her nuanced performance. She is dark and light, hard yet vulnerable and she totally wins you over in the role of a cancer stricken mother who must choose the best for her children.

WAF is designed to be a family entertainer and that it definitely is. If you must compare it to its original then you could point out that WAF lacks the conflict between the two women that was the fulcrum of Stepmom. This is an out and out Indian film at heart where everyone does the right thing when it comes to family and Indian values and pretty much nothing is left to your imagination. The dialogue by Niranjan Iyengar is thankfully original except in some scenes. But then you must remember this is a remake and there is not turning away from that. You can put your money where your heart is with WAF. And yes don’t forget to carry tissues. Infact take the whole box with you.