Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thought of the day - 14th February 2009

A home where the members of the family are leading their lives in keeping with noble ideals, where they together sing the glory of the Lord's name and spend their time in performing good deeds, where the values of truth, peace and love reign supreme, where regular study of holy books are undertaken, where the senses are under control, and where there is equal love and respect for all creation prompted by the knowledge of the basic unity of all creation - such a home is verily heaven on earth.

Thought for the day as written at Prasanthi Nilayam today
14th February 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

BILLU BARBER new release

Billu Barber is a story of a simple ordinary man who led an extra ordinary life. Bilas Rao Pardesi (Irrfan Khan) was living in his village with his wife Bindiya (Lara Dutta) and two great kids. Life was bitter sweet... we can say more sweet than bitter.One day a superstar Sahir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) came into their lives and everything changed. Life changed, people changed, friends changed, the village changed but one man did not... Billu Barber. Will this ordinary man redefine the words ordinary? Will the words see the greatness behind his small existence? And most of all, Will life ever be the same for Billu Barber again?

The story actually takes its inspiration from the legendary friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama. In this case, the story talks of the friendship between a superstar and an ordinary mortal who runs a salon.
BILLU is a sweet-n-simple film that lingers in your memory even after the show has concluded. The final 20 minutes are the highpoint of the enterprise and that elevates the status of the film to great heights. The film has the potential to grow with a strong word of mouth.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When I asked Him for strength.
He gave me difficulties to make me strong

When I asked Him for wisdom
He gave me problems to enrich me with wisdom

When I asked Him for prosperity
He gave me brawn and brain to work hard to make me prosperous.

When I asked Him for courage
He gave me dangers to overcome to make me bold and courageous

When I asked Him for love
He gave me troubled people to help to make me loving

When I asked Him for favors
He gave me troubled people to help to make me loving

When I asked Him for favors
He gave me opportunities and challenges to develop competence to make me worthy.

Seemingly He gave me nothing that I wanted, but empowered me to gain everything I needed in life.

That is our Lord

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


High School Musical 3: Senior Year - This Weekend

It's time to celebrate as Disney's phenomenal High School Musical hits new heights in High School Musical 3: Senior Year! Fresh from the big screen, this motion picture extravaganza delivers non-stop entertainment from start to finish! It's almost graduation day for high school seniors Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Chad, Ryan and Taylor - and the thought of heading off in separate directions after leaving East High has these Wildcats thinking they need to do something they ll remember forever. Together with the rest of the Wildcats, they stage a spring musical reflecting their hopes and fears about the future and their unforgettable experiences growing up together. But with graduation approaching and college plans in question, what will become of the dreams, romances, and friendships of East High's senior Wilcats?
Find out what happens to all your favorite characters in the big screen musical sensation, High School Musical 3: Senior Year! It s a fabulous celebration the whole family will love!