Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love is Supreme. Develop love in your hearts. Let love flow through every part of your being. Make love the reigning principle of your life. Develop love through love. This was the prayer that went forth from the hearts of Gopikas: "Oh Krishna, play on your flute so that our parched hearts may be flooded with your nectarine love and we may be filled with love in all that we think and do. Plant the seeds of love in our arid hearts so that the saplings of love may sprout and grow." To experience this joy, you have to develop firm faith in God and shed all fear. Cultivate Divine Love and experience this joy. Sanctify your lives by dedicating it to the Divine.- Baba

Thought for the day as written at Prasanthi Nilayam today 29th April 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SWINE Flu spreads silently, causes vague symptoms

A new strain of influenza has killed 103 people in Mexico and spread across North America and possibly as far afield as Spain and New Zealand. No one is certain about how virulent the virus is -- meaning how severe the symptoms are -- or what its patterns of transmission are.
* Symptoms include sudden onset of fever, muscle aches, headaches, cough and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting. Flu feels far more severe than a cold.
* People can pass flu along before they feel ill and after they feel better. Flu viruses can be found not only in nasal secretions but in fecal matter.
* The "incubation period" for flu -- the time it takes from infection before symptoms develop -- is usually about 24 to 48 hours, although it is not clear what the case is for this new H1N1 swine flu virus.
* The virus can be transmitted on particles of saliva and mucus when people cough and sneeze close to one another. Experts generally agree that three feet (1 meter) is the distance these particles can travel between people.
* Flu viruses can also live for days or even weeks on dry surfaces. More and more evidence shows that people very frequently infect themselves by touching a contaminated surface, such as a computer keyboard, and then touching the nose, eyes or mouth.
* Flu viruses evolve, or mutate, constantly. New strains emerge regularly, which is why the annual flu vaccine must be reformulated every year.
* Flu viruses are believed all to originate in animals. Little changes or mutations in the DNA can allow them to more easily infect people. Some cause more serious symptoms than others.
* Flu viruses are frequently deadly. The World Health Organization estimates that flu kills 250,000 to 500,000 people in a normal year, more during pandemics, which last occurred in 1968, 1957 and 1918.
* Flu can kill directly by causing pneumonia, and it can also make people more vulnerable to bacterial infections that also kill.

Thought for the day

Ponder over all the things for which you have cried so far. You will find that you have craved only for paltry things, for momentary distinctions, for fleeting fame. Instead, you should cry only for God, for your own cleansing and consummation. You should weep, for the six cobras that have sheltered themselves in your mind, poisoning it with their venom: Lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride and malice. Quieten them as the snake charmer does with his swaying flute. The music that can tame them is the Name of God. Thereafter, they become playthings; you can handle them as you please. When these are laid low, you will gain equanimity and you will remain unaffected by honour or dishonour, profit or loss, joy or grief.- Baba

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ayesha Takia will be paired opposite Salman for the first time while the supporting cast includes actors such as Mahesh Manjrekar and Vinod Khanna. The posters of the film don't reveal Salman's look but his trademark bracelet is more than just a hint. Interesting teasers we must say. The Tamil version of the film Pokkiri had South star Vijay and Asin in lead roles and went on to become a huge hit. One will have to wait and watch if like Aamir's Ghajini, even Salman can deliver a super-duper hit with Wanted. Wanted is scheduled to release in July 3 this year.

Kal Kissne Dekha - music soundtrack available now

'Kal Kissne Dekha' is a good album with 'Soniye Billori' being the only track that stays on to be merely average with 'Jash Hai Josh Hai' being a little better. However, songs like 'Tere Bina Lagta Nahin Jiya', 'Aalam Guzrne Ko' and 'Aasman Jhuk Gaya' do manage to impress well with the title song 'Kal Kissne Dekha' bringing on a grand finale that is indeed going to rock the show. Give Kal Kissne Dekha a hear if you are a follower of commercial Bollywood soundtrack.


I rarely see comedies especially the ones that Hollywood turns out. But this one looked like a lot of fun. Bride Wars is very entertaining. Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock from the Sun) is terrific in a supporting role and Candice Bergen's presence is always a warm welcome. I would say if you have liked women comedies from the past like the 80's Outrageous Fortune or the 90s The First Wives Club than you will enjoy this just as much. It's very charming and a great way to pass the time. Some may not like the way the women behave in this, but it's not like it's saying ALL women are this way. It's a great comedy where friendship wins out in the end.