Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thought for the Day

God is love incarnate. This love shines equally in every human being. The fragrance of a flower remains the same whether it is held in the right hand or the left. Likewise God has no distinctions such as the favoured and the excluded. But narrow-minded persons cannot easily grasp the Divine's equal-mindedness. Everyone apprehends God's powers and attributes according to his own limited conceptions and experiences. Different people, depending on their own likes and dislikes, attribute the differences existing in their own minds to the Divine. God does not make distinctions such as the good and the bad, the desirable and the unwanted, the wicked and the virtuous. The sandalwood tree imparts its fragrance even to the axe that fells it. Likewise, God is ever prepared to love, foster and protect everyone equally.- Baba

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Best Countries For Business, 2009

Who are they? Our fourth annual Best Countries for Business ranking looks at business conditions in 127 economies. Topping the list for 2009: Denmark, for a second straight year, takes the No. 1 spot. The U.S. is up two spots to No. 2, Canada is up four spots to No. 3, Singapore is up four to No. 4 and New Zealand is up seven to No. 5.
Big movers included New Zealand (No. 5, up seven spots), followed by Jordan (No. 33, up 28), Australia (No. 8, up five), United Arab Emirates (No. 46, up 28) and Malaysia (No. 25, up 13).