Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day the Earth Stood Still (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition) (2008)

Come on people, the movie is not that bad. Sure it may not be the Matrix, but it's a nice flick to enjoy, if you are into sci-fi. I will not deny the the movie may slow down towards the middle, and that Will Smith's son is totally annoying in the movie, but other than that; it is a viewable flick

overall, its a successful remake. much of the story is changed as it should in any good update. Keanu Reeves is standard here, Jennifer Connelly shines and the film brings up some extremely interesting moral points which helps amplify the great sci-fi aspects. the film rushed its final act, which is a shame since the rest of the film is really quite exceptional. this film is no disaster like many people say, give it a try

Bedtime Stories (2008)

I gave this movie 5 stars because it deserves it,how did disney do it make an adam sandler movie that is actually understandably funny for both kids and adults alike I am 17 and I saw it I do not usually see PG rated movies but I went with my family on the 26th. I laughed through most all of it. you probaly would not want to read the other reviews as they have minor spoilers. Unless you want it to br ruined for you. Really not crude not bad language but still funny. Anyone taking thier children for a show should check this out. I will definitely buy it on DVD

Marley And Me (Two-Disc Bad Dog Edition) (2008)

My wife talked me into watching this movie and it gave me a run for my money. This is an extremely powerful movie. Even if it doesn't look like it. Extremely profound are carefully crafted. It touched me in a way few movies ever have. Simply Brilliant. Just a warning. Grab a bucket for your tears because you'll cry like a baby.

Firaaq is an Urdu word that means both separation and quest. The film is a work of fiction, based on a thousand stories.The story is set over a 24-hour period, one month after a campaign that took place in Gujarat, India, in 2002. It traces the emotional journey of ordinary people- some who were victims, some perpetrators and some who choose to watch silently. As an ensemble film, it fo9llows multiple narratives that are at some times interconnected and at times discreet, yet all are united by their spatial and emotional context. A middle class housewife closes the door on a woman desperately seeking refuge, and then struggles to overcome her guilt. The loyalty of two best friends is challenged in times rife with fear and suspicion. A group of victimized young men seek revenge as a way out of their helplessness and anger. A modern day Hindu-Muslim couple struggle between the survival instinct to hide their true identities and the desire to assert them. A boy having lost most of his family in the riots wanders through the streets searching for his missing father. A saintly musician clings on to his idealism until an evidence of civil strife shakes his faith. Through these characters we trace the ways in which violence impacts both inner and outer lives. Violence spares nobody. Yet in the midst of this madness, some find it in their hearts to sing hopeful songs for better times.